The team of For Furry Friends’ would like to thank all our 35 pet shops (as of Dec 2019) for their trust in our products and giving us the best shelving space in their shops so that more pet’s owners can benefit from our products.

We started our journey in March 2019 by giving pets who were troubled with skin and cleanliness problems an affordable and chemical-free solution that will not have a single side effect, which was the first product we launched: P.A.W.S

Currently, Year 2019 is ending and we will be welcoming Year 2020 with a great smile and hoping our customers can buy our products in more pets shops around Singapore.

Though we are still a new brand, these 9 months seems like 3 years to the team:

  1. We started the business hoping to improve pet’s health and cleanliness problems.
  2. Revamping our first bottle design and new logo design
  3. R&D 6 new products that are in high demand, yet currently no safe and effective solution in the market. (Until we launched our Flea & Tick Series)
  4. Designing and preparing to package all new products in the span of 1 month
  5. Launching of all products and revisit all our current pet shop bosses to showcase our revolutionary products.
  6. Searching and selecting well-named pet shops as our potential new exclusive retailers.

Some bosses of the other pet’s related products complimented us on our achievement in having over 30+ pet shops selling our products in less than a year. We are really happy to hear that, but we believe we can do better.

The year 2020 will be a great year for us and definitely for most pet’s owners who believed in us and using our products for their furry kids.

Thank you all for trusting us and choosing 0% chemical products for your fur kids and protecting the environment for our next generation.