A Testimonial A Day, Makes All Unhappiness Go Away!

You tried so many ways to stop your furkids from licking their paws? Paw licking may not be a habit for all furkids. In-fact majority of the furkids lick their paws due to them being itchy or having some irritation. 

So, what is causing all the itch and discomfort? The answer is definitely, Bacteria! If you do not have a proper cleaning routine for your furkids after a walk in the park or even just outdoor concrete floor, the bacteria they got during the walks will cause the itch or skin irritation.

Traditional proper cleaning steps: 1. Wash their paws with soap. 2. Rinse it off with water. 3. Towel dry the legs 4. Blow dry the legs and paws completely. (Total time needed after every walk: 30min – 45min)

Now, with For Furry Friends P.A.W.S, all you need to do: 1. Spray onto body, legs and paws 2. Wipe off with cloth or towel. (Total Time needed after every walk: 5min) Can leave it to air dry after wiping as it helps to kill even more bacteria, viruses and yeast/fungus during the air drying process. 

We would like to thank all our supporters who constantly send us nice testimonial of our products and also constantly replenish our products for your furry kids at home which gave For Furry Friends a chance to be part of their life when you keep them clean, healthy and happy with our products!!

For Furry Friends have helped many furkids solved their problems. Will yours be next?