A Testimonial A Day, Makes All Unhappiness Go Away!

Yumi the miniature poodle always lick her paws as they were cracked badly. Paw-mom had tried so many different brands of paw balm which did not work.

Initially, they were sceptical about the effects of our Paw & Nose Balm, but after trying for 3 days, Yumi paw-mom knew this was the right product for her! After 2 short weeks of applying our balm, Yumi’s paw pad looks like puppy paw again!

What’s even better? Yumi no longer licks her paws frequently as its healthy again.

We would like to thank all our supporters who constantly send us your furkids’ recovery images and also kept replenish our products for your furry kids at home and gave For Furry Friends a chance to be part of their life when you keep them clean, healthy and happy with our products!!

For Furry Friends have helped many furkids solved their problems. Will yours be next?