A Testimonial A Day, Makes All Unhappiness Go Away!

Pawrent feedback on our P.A.W.S for its amazing function: “Removal of dirt” You can try showering them and while they are believed to be clean, spray P.A.W.S onto their paw pads and give it a wipe with cotton wool or white cloth. You will be amazed like CMJMTrios!

P.A.W.S best functions well loved by all pawrents in Singapore:

1. Dirt removal to the tiniest bit on their paws and body

2. Removal of odour. If the pawrents are using P.A.W.S everyday on their furkids, there will not be any bad odour on them even after a week or 2 from showering.

3. Bacteria / Fungus / Yeast removal.  You can keep them clean without worrying getting any side effect which you will be getting from tap water or chemical-based products. By using P.A.W.S, you will be keeping them clean the right way and most skin issues caused by tap water or chemical will be gone in few days to few weeks time.

We would like to thank all our supporters who constantly replenish our products for your furry kids at home and gave For Furry Friends a chance to be part of their life when you keep them clean, healthy and happy with our products!!

For Furry Friends have helped many furkids solved their problems. Will yours be next?