A Testimonial A Day, Makes All Unhappiness Go Away!

Our very first few testimonial in the history of For Furry Friends was actually mostly from groomers, such as this! When the goldie went for a shower at Petscraft, groomer keney saw the redness on the ear and used P.A.W.S (during that time, we only have 1 product: P.A.W.S) on the outer part of the ear. 

When the pawrent came to pick the goldie up, she was surprised to see the redness on the ear almost recovered. But, she already booked an appointment with the vet to check on his ears, thus, she still went for the appointment. After the consultation, the vet told the pawrent that there’s no redness on the ear that they can see. All these changes within a single day!

We would like to thank all our supporters who constantly replenish our products for your furry kids at home and gave For Furry Friends a chance to be part of their life when you keep them clean, healthy and happy with our products!!

For Furry Friends have helped many furkids solved their problems. Will yours be next?