Lick Safe, No Side Effects

Our full range of products are lick safe, so when applying or using them, pets who like licking their body and paws will be safe.ย 

No more worrying about your pets accidentally licking the harmful chemical products you use on them and causing them to vomit/diarrhea.


Safe and Effective

Our products are 100% chemical free and natural! You can have a peace of mind when using our products on your pets without worrying about chemical allergies / side effects.ย 

Start using our 100% Natural Ingredients products today! For your Family, Pets and the Environment.

Bad Odour? Chemical Smell?

Our range of electrolyzed water products are able to remove bad odour up to 99.9% by removing the odour causing bacteria naturally without causing any side effects on the pets.

Our range of flea and ticks series products comes with natural fragrance that are so pleasant and well liked.


Testimonial 12

Testimonial 12

A Testimonial A Day, Makes All Unhappiness Go Away! Pawrent feedback on our P.A.W.S for its amazing function: "Removal of dirt" You can try showering them and while they are believed to be clean, spray P.A.W.S onto their paw pads and give it a wipe with cotton wool or...

Testimonial 11

Testimonial 11

A Testimonial A Day, Makes All Unhappiness Go Away! Our very first few testimonial in the history of For Furry Friends was actually mostly from groomers, such as this! When the goldie went for a shower at Petscraft, groomer keney saw the redness on the ear and used...

Testimonial 10

Testimonial 10

A Testimonial A Day, Makes All Unhappiness Go Away! Akim's cat unfortunately contracted ringworm all over his body. For Furry Friends' team is really experience with solving ringworm. We advised the pawrent what to take note at home and use P.A.W.S which is proven to...

For Furry Friends' (P.A.W.S)

By using the Japan latest technology, our 100% electrolyzed water is the number one choice among pets lovers who want to keep their pets clean and free of harmful bacteria and viruses while avoiding harsh chemical pets cleanser products in the market.

It contains not a single trace of chemical, surfactant and alcohol, it is non-toxic and can be used directly on pets’ body, paws and many more~


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