During the outbreaks of COVID-19, not only humans have it tough, but the homeless and abandoned pets have it tougher.

All pets events were cancelled, many animal rescues and welfare group including @purelyadoptions are badly affected due to the lack of funds for the animals under their care.

For Furry Friends wish to help out not only the pets owners in getting a discount on our website but to donate the sales to Purely Adoptions to support them in this tough time!

We will highly recommend all pets owners to own a P.A.W.S (pets’ activated water sanitizer) so as to keep our pets and environment clean and free of bacteria/viruses.

P.A.W.S is our top seller in Singapore and has benefited more than 2000 pets owners in Sg in less than a year.

Every cent counts for these great organisation who are still trying their best to help out the less fortunate pets during this tough period.

So, why not buy great products and get discounts, participate in the lucky draw and donate at the same time?

To participate in the giveaway lucky draw, visit our Instagram post at https://www.instagram.com/p/B-LlIRvDSON/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link