About Us


How It all Started

The passion for giving our children and furkids a safe environment is what drives us to create For Furry Friends. In 2017, our founders travelled to japan and realized the majority of japan pet lover community stopped using chemical based products for their pets.

“If there is an alternative product to solve many pet’s related problems without using chemical and alcohol, will I buy and use it?” The answer to this question is definitely a “Yes!”

And, that is how we started the brand with our first product Pet’s Activated Water Sanitizer (P.A.W.S) to solve many pet’s related problems such as skin problem like rashes, yeast infections, etc with zero side effects.

The next reason why P.A.W.S is currently so popular in Singapore Pets Community is because it helps many pet owners save a large amount of time in the process of taking care their furkids with ease. Easy to use, do not need to rinse and blow dry after use help us save so much time!   

“For Furry Friends” was named for the brand the way they felt about pets. Today, For Furry Friends Pte Ltd remains a forward thinking leader in the industry, with more than 40 pet shops locally trusting and selling our products. We never stop innovating to meet customer demands in a world of change, with many game changing products under our brand currently available in Singapore.

We believe in giving back to the society through our constant CSR Movement with animal adoptions organisation throughout the years and actively participating in volunteering works, sponsorship and cash donations.

Brand Promise

We are….

Eco Friendly

Our products are 100% chemical free and natural that you can use them on both humans and pets without worrying about any allergies. Our product has zero harmful impact on the environment.

Safe & Certified

All of our products went through human testing to make sure even the person with the most sensitive skin problems can use. We will only launch the products if we can achieve 0% side effect through our volunteers that are doing the testing.

Reasonable Pricing

Our products are priced according to market standards even though we are using high graded 100% natural ingredients. We are committed to making all our products affordable for the pets community lovers, so they can stop using chemical based products.

Why Choose Our Product?

Our full range of products are made using only 100% Natural Ingredients but extremely effective in their respective benefits and functions.

Our Furkids Wellness Series aims to keep pets(Body, Paws, Ear) and its surrounding clean, an alternative of chemical products that may cause allergy reaction. In this series, we have our popular P.A.W.S, Ear Cleaner Solution and an amazing paw and nose balm that can moisture and heal cracked and dry paw pads / nose / elbows or any part of the body that has amazing absorption rate as compared to other brands of paw balm.

Our Flea and Tick Series products uses only 100% Natural Ingredients, pet’s owners can use them without worrying it will be harmful to their furkids.  Unlike other brands of chemical based products for flea and ticks, our products’ natural scent is well liked by the public and pets!



Disinfecting, Sanitizing & Deodorising

Our lab test has shown that our P.A.W.S and Ear Solution are effective in getting rid of 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses that your pets are exposed on a daily basis.

They are proven to be the most effective odour Smell Buster in the market, which works on any household surfaces and pets body, and most importantly 100% NO Chemical.

Flea & Tick Problems Natural Solution

Our For Furry Friends’s Flea & Tick Series of products not only able to repel those pests effectively and naturally, but our range of True Liquid Soaps in the series are also able to drown the fleas and ticks during pets showering to kill them off without harming the pets.  

Save Time and Save Environment

For Furry Friends’ products can be used to solve many pet’s related problems without causing them more harm as they are made using only 100% Natural Ingredients.

All our products are easy to use and lick safe, thus saving your time in managing your fur kids’ wellness and keep the environment safe.



Your True Liquid Soap gave me a big surprise! When helping a tick-infested pomeranian shower using your product, the ticks floated out from the fur onto the bubble. (As seen in the image) When washing away the bubble, can see even more ticks flowing out of the body. Now I no longer need to use Chemical soaking flea and tick treatment that will harm the pets. 

Keney (Groomer)

Yumi the miniature poodle always lick her paws as they were cracked badly. Tried other brand of paw balm but did not like the scent and feel after applying. After using For Furry Friends’ Paw & Nose Balm, she did not dislike it and did not show any discomfort after applying. After using for 2 weeks daily, her paws recovered completely and no longer seeing her licking her paws.

Adeline (Mommy of Yumi)

Hi pawfriends! Check out this new Japan Technology Water Sanitizer! It’s Eco-friendly, Removes Bacteria, Virus, Dirt and Odour! It doesn’t include chemical, alcohol and surfactants. Mummy anna tried this out on me and it works well, I am not licking my paws too~ you can take a look at my photo behind (FB post) my paws are soooo clean! You have a 100% to trust P.A.W.S!……

Anna Lim