100% Purified Water + Japan Technology

The electrolyzed water from For Furry Friends is using Japan’s latest technology to produce a solution that is more effective in removing dirt, bacteria, viruses and odour from pet’s body, paws, ears, living spaces and accessories than most chemical based products in the market.

It consists of only 100% electrolyzed water, without a single trace of chemical and alcohol. It is safe for human, pets and our environment!

Removing Germs, Bacteria & Viruses up to 99.9% Safely

Our electrolyzed waters (P.A.W.S & Ear Cleaner Solution) were designed for all pets skin types, including the hard to manage “sensitive skin”.

Most of our products users will stop worrying about harmful bacterial, germs and viruses harming their pets after an outdoor walk.

Our P.A.W.S and Ear Cleaner Solution are well liked by paw-rents in keeping their pets clean and free of bad odour with ease!


For Furry Friends’ range of 100% NATURAL FLEA & TICK PROTECTION SERIES: 

Finally a range of chemical-free products that both helps protect your dog from potentially disease-ridden pests like flea and ticks while avoiding pet’s allergic reaction to chemicals. 

Never seen before method of drowning flea and ticks by using our True Liquid Soaps made using only 100% Natural Ingredients. 

No more risking your pet’s health by trying to kill off the flea and ticks using harsh chemicals / pesticides on your pet’s body.  


Eczema skin

AFTER 15 Days

Eczema Skin


Dry & Cracked Paw


Dry & Cracked Paw






Rash tummy


Rash tummy


Red & Inflammed Skin


Red & Inflammed Skin

Lick Safe, No Side Effects

Our full range of products are lick safe, so when applying or using them, pets who like licking their body and paws will be safe. 

No more worrying about your pets accidentally licking the harmful chemical products you use on them and causing them to vomit/diarrhea.


Safe and Effective

Our products are 100% chemical free and natural! You can have a peace of mind when using our products on your pets without worrying about chemical allergies / side effects. 

Start using our 100% Natural Ingredients products today! For your Family, Pets and the Environment.

Bad Odour? Chemical Smell?

Our range of electrolyzed water products are able to remove bad odour up to 99.9% by removing the odour causing bacteria naturally without causing any side effects on the pets.

Our range of flea and ticks series products comes with natural fragrance that are so pleasant and well liked.

For Furry Friends' (P.A.W.S)

By using the Japan latest technology, our 100% electrolyzed water is the number one choice among pets lovers who want to keep their pets clean and free of harmful bacteria and viruses while avoiding harsh chemical pets cleanser products in the market.

It contains not a single trace of chemical, surfactant and alcohol, it is non-toxic and can be used directly on pets’ body, paws and many more~

Browse product to find out more!

… the owner of the dog with sensitive skin actually plans to bring him for a vet check up on the redness on both the ears after bathing at my shop (I used P.A.W.S on the dog after bath).

The owner text me saying that the spray is so good that the vet couldn’t find any redness on the ears after using P.A.W.S!

Groomer Keney from Pet's Craft

After having For Furry Friend’s P.A.W.S spray for my rabbit, it only takes me 5 minutes to clean up the cage and sand tray now, as compared to 45 minutes previously without your product.

Love the product as it does not need to rinse off with water and it totally remove the smell, dirt and stains from the cage.

Krystal, happy dwarf rabbit owner

 Hi pawfriends! Check out this new Japan Technology Water Sanitizer! It’s Eco-friendly, Removes Bacteria, Virus, Dirt and Odour! It doesn’t include chemical, alcohol and surfactants. Mummy anna tried this out on me and it works well, I am not licking my paws too~ you can take a look at my photo behind (FB post) my paws are soooo clean! You have a 100% to trust P.A.W.S!……
Bingsu, the happy Shih Tzu

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